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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Just checking in

We have been so busy and the grief is so strong. I haven't had a chance to even post a quick hello. Next weekend is Jacob's 7th birthday. Can you believe how time flies? Then there is Mother's day. My deepest desire is to bury myself in work and school and not feel but that's not a simple thing.

I have so much to share with you but I needed photos. When we were going through my mother's things there was only a few things I really wanted: old photos, some that I had never seen before, handmade things, and what I was really seeking was a wooden star and moon shelf combo my mother always had hanging in whatever living room she called home.
Some how in all the moves it was
lost. Last weekend Lee bought me the moon. It may not be the same but I will be able to carry on the tradition for my children. These first few months without my mother have been difficult. I miss everything about her and everything reminds me of her.

She is in the my favorite lime green scarf she crocheted for me and when I wear it I feel her touch. Last weekend I planted fennel in whiskey barrel of rosemary because it was a plant we always had in our garden growing up. My mother could take the tiniest plot of land even pots, if that is all the dirt we had, and grow an amazing garden. The feel of the warm soil reminds me of her. The scent of the carnations, she planted in the front flower bed here at Pumpkin Cottage, take me back to a sweeter time. She planted the hen and chicks sporadically here but in her garden they created a long edge to her flower beds. The hens and chick in the photo about originally came from a friend's (Jacinta) garden in Bakersfield. Miss Jacinta was the mother of my father's dear friend. She was nearing her mid-90s when she gave us these succulents. In my mother's garden the carnations were huge and usually white or red.

At the Green Scene, last weekend, we purchased a daisy, such a simple sweet flower and strawberries. We have members of the arboretum for years and my mother had visited often with us. All of these things keep me close to her memory. I carry her in my heart and in everything she taught me.

See the huge aloe to the left of the daisy? My mother planted the first little cutting. My mother believed in the friendship of flowers, the medicinal qualities of plants and that everything tastes best with fresh herbs especially flat leaf parsley (salsa).

At Easter Joe gave me kale that he had planted from her seeds. It is typical of her, she always saved her seeds. Flat leaf parsley, holly hocks, sweet peas and fennel from seed. Roses and geraniums from cuttings.
Spring is here. Thank you for stopping by.


  1. i have that moon shelf it isnt lost some how my dad got it years ago from avo and he haanded it down to me and its been hanging in my living room for years love staci

  2. It is so normal to be grieving still...it is good to just allow yourself to feel the sadness. I'm sure the memories are bittersweet.

    The plants all look beautiful. Fresh herbs, yum! Joe made some kale soup and brought me some once....I loved it.



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