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Friday, April 30, 2010

Happy Birthday Michele

Happy Happy Birthday. I hope it is a wonderful day because you deserve all the joy your heart can hold. When I hear this song I think of you and Duarte. It's Johnny Nash's I can see clearly now. Hugs from this Tia that loves you.
Thought you might enjoy some of VoVo photos. Old school.

These little photos are of Michele as a little girl. She is the oldest of my brother, Ilidio's, four daughters. Michele got married this past February. In the last photo Michele is five years old with her two sisters Staci (2) and Larissa (9 months) 1983. I took the photo with Michele sitting with her legs crossed in late 1980.


  1. i guess she was cute when she was lil haha just kidding i will have to show her these pics miss you love staci

  2. I love these pics. Who is the little girl sitting on the steps with her legs crossed? ....SOOOO cute!



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