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Saturday, July 25, 2009

This weekend

2009 has been a year of mixed blessing. Since February our family has just had so much...it really is just how life happens and in our sorrow we seek joy daily. VoVo isn't doing well. I think she is tired. It has been a life of hard work and sacrifice.
When I saw her on Wednesday night she was already in bed. Her first words were, "I care for you all." That did me in...my mother has been waiting to say goodbye to my siblings. Joe is the only one that has come to be with us. He is the one that we lean on. He cared for our mother the longest and probably knows her the best. Each of our relationships with our parents is different. My mother would say that we have five fingers on our hands and they are all different. She was really referring to her five children but it applies here, too. It is a small thing to say that I am estranged from my siblings. I am in awe of the families that pull together in crisis.

Our lives are in slow motion. Thursday started with a memorial service for Lee's friend Ray. Friday started with a visit to plan a memorial service for VoVo. I know if I wait it will only be harder. I have to have a clear mind when making all the necessary decisions.

In the middle there was the circus on Thursday night. Thanks to Jenny, we attended the circus at the Honda Center. Our seats were wonderful. We really are trying to keep things normal as possible for the little ones.

Holly and Jacob both loved the circus...they were so well behaved. http://www.ringling.com/ The circus really isn't about the animals any more.
There were elephants, tigers, horses, zebras, and dogs but most of the acts were related to acrobats, magic (some of it not so appropriate for little kids-scary), and clowns. All in all a good show. Thanks, again, Jenny.

Holly was focused. Mix blessings indeed. This morning we will visit VoVo then head to the International Quilt Festival in Long Beach. Every distraction is a blessing. http://www.quilts.com/home/

Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers.

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