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Pumpkin Cottage
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Thursday, July 30, 2009


Lee just brought my hot black coffee and the clicker. No the coffee doesn't keep me up. With constant exhaustion comes sleep without effort. From sun up to sun down we work.

Lee goes up and gets the babies to bed and I relax or do homework. Holly can already say "story time." We call him St. Lee for a reason. Then late at night we watch our netflix...it took us forever to discover netflix but now we are hooked. We have watched The Two Fat Ladies, Rosemary&Thyme, Clatterford, and now we are watching Mad About You. In between the series we have watched downloadable series like As Times Goes On... pure joy

It's a little date night. Go have yourself a date night....

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  1. Hey Genie,
    Thank you for the really nice post on my blog. It was very much appreciated. I need to post the Campaign Courage back up again. Having a store in Orange County is sometimes trying, since many conservatives people are there. But even though my blog has a good deal of post about the store, it is still about MY thoughts in the world. Again, thank you for reminding me to stand tall regardless of others opinions! Take care.


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