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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Things VoVo used to say

In Portuguese a grandmother is Avo and a mother is mae. When Mark was little he couldn't say Avo so he used VoVo. It caught on.

My mae used to tell me to enjoy my children while they are small because it is the best part of your life. I am so lucky to get to do this twice.

My mae used to say that she had never stolen anything and she would admit "stealing" little plant cuttings from here and there. Chrisy teased me about the little cuttings I took from her mother's geraniums but now I have a reminder of Shirley (Miss Dale-that's what my mom called her friend). I talk to Shirley and Miss Dale it makes me feel better. Shirley the hot pink above and Miss Dale in the blue pot. Thank you Mae for giving me so much.

When Michele came to visit my mom...she reminisced about VoVo. The way she would make ringlets in her sister's hair with her fingers. All those memories with so many grandchildren. Eleven grandchildren and two great-grandchildren.

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