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Sunday, July 31, 2016

The Making of a Saturday

On Saturday, the Get Along Gang attended an
Open House at the Corita Art Center.
Visiting was an embrace of peace.

Located in Los Angeles
on the campus of the Immaculate Heart Community.

It's the spirituality, spunk and political vibe of
the art I love.  Timeless. Possibly more relevant
today than when Corita create it.

Some of the silkscreens contain up to
23 individual colors.  The negative space
is as important as the positive space. Corita
used glue for the writing.

The serigraph I am dreaming about. It's all about
the V.

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  1. What an awesome are center! I like the one with the V too! Love the pink and green in it and the ladies in their dresses...


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