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Tuesday, July 12, 2016

On the Value of a Lie

Just bounced over here from Susan Branch's blog
where she disclosed her Dad had passed away in

In May, the Get Along Gang was at the
Morro Bay book signing.  When Sue was
asked about her Dad she said he was having a
hard time breathing and brushed it off.

I turned to Mr. Lee and whispered, "It's bad."
Oh, Sue, sweet authentic Sue, you did right to lie.

Mr. Lee with Hans Christian Andersen
upstairs in the Book Loft in Solvang.

Hans has promised to keep the secret.

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  1. Oh Genie, of course YOU knew in your spirit it was bad.
    I will pray for Sweet Susan.
    I LOVE these pictures of Mr. Lee!!! :-)))
    And what I wouldn't give to know the secret ;-)


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