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Wednesday, April 27, 2016


A strong woman is like a
tea bag,
you never know how strong
it is until it is in hot water.

              Eleanor Roosevelt

It's probably not a surprise that
I am a progressive or a feminist.

It may, however, surprise you to learn,
I will never cast a vote for a woman
just because she is a woman. 

I am ready for change.
I am ready to dump the
institutional politicians.

No room for expression. 

And, that's how I roll.


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    1. Danette,
      You are true blue. Xxooo

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  2. I decided to purchase the domain on my blog and it is now rosepetaltea.com But when I did that all of my followers disappeared!!! I think you may have to RE follow me???? I'm so confused!!! Seriously MAJOR Blonde Moment!!!


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