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Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Get Along Gang at Milt's Coffee Shop

Oh oh oh, how we love the coffee shop and deli's.

Jacob, the old man among us, loves his
meat and bread usually plain.  Although,
he, like his mother, loves mustard.

Before leaving the Sacramento area
we stopped at Rim's Deli.
The deli is, not only a tasty stop,
conveniently located by
Noah's Bagels, a Raley's grocery, a credit
union and TJMaxx... perfection for our
traveling family.
Homemade meatball and sauce on a toasted

French dippy goodness.

Old fashion burger.

Milt's Coffee Shop is located along side
the State Route (SR) 99.
If you want to travel quickly,
up or down California, take Interstate
5, but if you want to find nuggets of travelers'
gold: places of interest, old down towns, used
books, thrift stores and and antiques
then SR 99 is the ticket. These days, we are
less enamored with antiques, we are seeking
granny crafts and someone else trash.

Virtual Tour of US 99 | Southern California Regional Rocks and Roads ...

A traveler's delight, the wall of state

Milk shakes, girl had the strawberry with big
chunks of strawberries and, our own personal
Dr. Copper, boy had chocolate.

And the speciality of the house,
pastrami,  cooked for 9 hours, with
chili cheese fries.

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  1. Looks like you are all having a glorious travel time together again :-)))


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