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Friday, February 12, 2016

Finding Your Tribe 2

It a wonderful when you find your people.
Years ago, I read an article in the
Orange County Register about a
woman named Mary Lou Heard.
Mary Lou had opened a tiny nursery
in Westminster.   The nursery was
tucked away on a hidden street.
Like many treasures, you'd never find the location
if you weren't specifically seeking it.

Mary Lou has been gone for a number of years
now, but she started something special.  Before
Annie's Annuals, another special place, Mary Lou
made cottage garden plants available.  Perennials
to make your English Garden taste buds salivate.
Even Tasha Tudor would envy the selection.

Today, on the original location of Heard's Country Gardens
resides Heavenly Vintage Nursery.  The property
has recently been sold and the nursery will be hopefully
find a new location.  In the mean time, please support
this treasure by stopping by to purchase your own slice
of heaven.  The nursery has a website and is on
Facebook, where you can find regular updates
on their status.

 Jacob  Discussing his passions: Math and Science

Our Animal Whisperer


  1. What a lovely, heavenly place... I can almost smell the warm earthiness of it as I long for such things in my current snow covered frozen tundra...
    I love the smell of fresh DIRT.
    Kudos to Jacob for his love of MATH {Ugh!}
    And kiss my fellow animal whisperer for me ;-)
    While your at it, give yourself a BIG FAT HUG FROM ME!

    1. Oh my gosh, I love dirt, I've elevated it to earth, I love it. Do you know, touching, working in earth, every day grounds our bodies, and improves overall health? I'm going to dig around today. Love you, girlie girl.


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