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Saturday, February 28, 2015

It's all in the Details

Are you like me, do you notice the details?
Like the tea cozy, on the fabulously acted
BBC sitcom Vicious.  Marvelously acted and

Happy National Pancake Day I learned about  from Susan Branch.
Do you notice the details in books,
Jan Karon's Somewhere Safe with Somebody Good.
   He wouldn't say anything now, 
but he was thinking of the rose garden for the wedding.
June, of course. The low stone wall, and they would need 
an arch.  Seven Sisters would be the perfect climber.

Seven Sisters found at the Antique Rose Emporium.

Do you study the book shelves on blogs?
Oh yes, I do because the company
we keep in books tells us a lot about ourselves
and others.
Like here from Coco Rose Diaries.

I have all but Miss Dahl on my library shelf.


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