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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Pope Francis Makes Me Remember

Driving into work each morning,
I pray and often listen to some
of my favorite Pastors on the radio.

It's a generic Christian broadcast and some
times the Pastors will take a swipe at the
Catholics.  It always makes me sad.

Let me share, I am of the progressive
persuasion. Card carrying bleeding heart.
I believe in Jesus as my personal savior,
I believe in caring for the poor, children, the
elderly,  the oppressed and persecuted.

Thy word is a light unto my feet, and a light unto my path.  Psalms 119:105

I voted for and believe in Obamacare.
I believe in hard work, education and
pulling yourself up by your boot
straps.  I suck up chronic pain and
show gratitude in all  things.

Do I trust our government, no.
Do I want the government out of my body,
faith, and personal life, yes.
Is there anyone to vote for anymore, Bernie Sanders.

I love the Catholic church, and although
I don't practice faithfully, it is the Church
where I learned to pray, learn to read the
Bible, where I learned
of a personal relationship with Christ,
where I learned of grace (what you don't deserve),
and humility. Where I learned charity, of vows of poverty,
and of sacrificial giving.  Yes, I love the saints and the rosary.

I can still hear my mother praying even
though she had forgotten nearly everything else.
She didn't fear death or the dying because
she had the deepest well of faith.

My faith is personal and deep.
It does not allow me to judge others.
I am a work in progress; a sinner.

We are all human and if your faith
makes you a better person, so be it.
Try not to put others down for their
belief or lack of it.  Love your
neighborhood as yourself.

Surround yourself with diversity,
people of character regardless
of their religion.

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