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Pumpkin Cottage
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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Miss Marple

Over the Labor Day weekend,
I fell in love with Miss Marple, again.

Agatha Christie's
Miss Marple gets invited
to the most fabulous locations.
Mansions, beautiful hotels,
and fancy well to do locations.

Miss Marple has a nephew who
is an published author.
She knits, gardens, solves
crime, and wears granny chic.

Her cottage has a beautiful
front garden.  She sips
tea and has a fireplace in her
sitting room.

Miss Marple reads in bed.
She's my shero.


  1. I've always adored Miss Marple and your description of her is charming! How lovely it would be to spend an afternoon with her interesting stories and perfect cup of English tea!


    1. Poppy dear,

      Thank you for visiting. I LOVE your blog it always gives me a cheer up...

      xxxoo e

  2. Miss Marple is my hero too! Scott, Mom & I love to watch Miss Marple together. It's one of the ways we cozy up through a long Winter around here. We check out Agatha Christie items from the library. Scott listens to a lot of Agatha Christie audio books too.
    And who would not LOVE a pink stove.....Man O Man!!!
    As for the roses ~ are those adorning your darling Pumpkin Cottage? They are gorgeous!!!


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