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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

What a Weekend

I've been holding out on you dear readers. It hasn't been on purpose...simply the cold, which I love, has hit my joints hard this year.  Feeling fatigued most of the time.
Still I love you all so much so here is my weekend post.  Better late than never. 

The weekend felt long and velvety. A great warm comfort of experiences.   We started the adventure on Friday at Piecemakers.

On Saturday we visited two of our favorite shops in Lake Elsinore:

Mora's and Maria's Antiques both on Main Street.


Then on to Rainbow for the Vintage Marketplace. 
This is one of Mr. Lee's very favorite destinations.
Amazing vendors.  Here is Becky's booth...one of our favorites.

Stepping stones to round out holiday decorating in the garden.

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  1. Yes, it has been COLD here! We are equipped for "this" weather, that's why we live here! Christie is a friend of mine, and I'm so proud of her and Rita to see how much the Vintage Market Place has grown. I still haven't got to any of those shows, but I can always hope for the Spring!

    Take care, Sue


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