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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Apple Pie

Up the hill to Oak Glen for apple pie.  Let me tell you it was cold and crisp. 
Jacob loves apples and this kind lady allowed us to sample them all.  We prefer tart apples.
Our taste test resulted in two favorites: Pink Lady and Arkansas Black. 
The lady recommends the use of three flavor varieties ranging from tart, to medium and sweet for pie making.
We are sticking to tart.

While visiting Riley's farm, we took a tractor pulled wagon tour through the property. 

This is our tour guide Seth.

Seth explained that some of the orchards we were visiting were over
100 years old and had been planted from seed.  Trees are now planted
by graft.  In the days where trees were planted by seed it would take
15 years for the trees to finally be profitable.  He also explained that four
seasons are required for proper apple growing.  When the temperatures drop
it signals the tree to drop the sap into the truck and go dormant for the winter.

The name Apple Valley was already taken when Oak Glen was renamed.  The
hills are full of a variety of oak trees including Black Oak, Live Oak and a rare combination of

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