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Monday, June 13, 2011

Fourteen Years

I have been rather quiet working away on my Masters in Public Administration.  I have another week and I will have a total of six classes remaining.  Lee is so proud to remind me that I have more behind me then in front of me.  (Of school that is.)

Public employees have taking a beating lately and this blog is more about my home passion than my professional passion but I wonder on this date where Lee and I celebrate 14 years of dating if you would indulge me just a bit.

I, like countless other public employees, work my bottom off because we believe in what we do.  Public employees, at least the ones you never hear about, are honest, dedicated and passionate about delivering services for the greater good.  I didn't fall into this career, I hand picked it because I love my adopted county because there are so many people, people that were born here, served their county, raised their families, and if they are lucky, grow old here, but they don't have a voice.

God, blessed me with passion, a deep and empathetic nature, just enough disability and the love of learning and writing.  God, more than anything,  blessed me with a voice.  My high school English teacher would say bellow, Eugenia.  Bellow.

If you would like things to change, if you want a national energy policy, healthcare that works, your politicians to leave Social Security and Medicare alone,  a policy to manage the housing fiasco and foreclosure nightmare write  or call your representative. Don't say your are going to do it.  Do it.   Tell your representatives to get back to work, to work together or they will be fired just like you would be fired if you didn't do your job.  It is time America got back to work.  Thank you for indulging my passion.

My other passion is my beloved family.

I have been staring at the background photo below from Fleamarket Style magazine for months. Turquoise is our birthstone but until now I didn't have an affinity for it.  This image, however, stuck with me.  I literally would sit studying every detail.  So in planning our trip to Las Vegas,  I sought out a turquoise dealer.  A-Traders Turquoise Chief  is where we scored the vintage bracelet below.  I am wearing it proudly with the bracelet I have worn everyday since we got married nearly 10 years ago.

This style is called needlepoint.  Isn't that lovely?

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