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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Our People

Lee and I often speak of "our people."  What we are referring to really is not our relations but people that "get" us and we "get them."

My brother, Joe, is on our people list. Not because he is my brother but because he is Lee's
favorite sibling.  For Mother's Day last year Joe sent me this lovely ribbon in a beautiful card that I will keep forever.  Right off, I knew I wanted to embellish a pair of jeans like we used to back in the 70s.
Lucky lady bugs (hippodamia convergens) and four leaf clovers. It took me a year to get started but I did it.  I will think of growing up every time I wear them.  This is the perfect project to kick start a summer of creative projects.

My Julia Child rose had to be moved over just a bit.  Miss Holly used VoVo's shovel
to help dig the new hole.  Only a diva would garden with her glitter shoes on.  They are a bit
ratty but still it is sequins.

Safety first. Helping Daddy complete projects around the house.

The ferry to Balboa .....a five minute treat.

A perfect weekend and my lovely new Dr. Martens from our trip
to San Francisco in April.

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  1. It is life with the Get-A-Long Gang. Always fun, always an adventure and always together.


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