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Friday, May 27, 2011

A Day in the Garden

My mother was born a master gardener.  There are so many things I regret not learning at her side but gardening reminds me of the things I did learn.  

Look at what I discovered in our urban garden today.  Figs from one of my mother's tiny trees.

A rose that grew from a cutting.  This rose came from my mother's friend,
Aldora, who also lived in Half Moon Bay.  The rose first resided in my garden in 
Laguna Niguel.  My mother, for some unknown reason, thought that this particular rose belonged
with me.  She stubbornly dug it up and eventually replanted in our Riverside garden.  She would
be very pleased at its loveliness all these years later.

There are blackberries...that always remind me that after a sever season of pruning came back 
stronger than ever.  A life lesson to remember.

Concord grapes.  My very favorite grape.

The smell of mint in my garden always reminds me of the 
Holyghost Festival (Festassopas.

Green apples for eating.

And a multitude of roses for sheer pleasure.

Thank you for visiting our pint size urban garden.

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