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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Dream Machine

My dream machine.  Had I taken this photo, I would have taken it from the front end but alas it was Lee's birthday and he can take the picture any way he wants.  Love you honey.

A perfectly restored Ford Falcon convertible, be still my heart. See that red interior that's HOT.

Lolita from Silva's Dress Shoppe, and my childhood, drove a white
Falcon.  The car was basic but I fell in love and stayed in love. 
Angie, another lady from my childhood, drove a Metropolitan,
come on that's not even fair. What hope did I have?

Dream chair.  Our deal was that we would never own a bark-o-lounger  (that's what we
call them-those super ugly 1970s recliners.  The chairs are, remarkably, still manufactured today).
That is, we would never own the "bark" unless we had a super secret room.
You know, like in the movies, a room behind a wall of books. 
On the other hand, the recliner of my dreams
could be a compromise.  Here's the perfect child humoring his mother.
That's my hand helping me balance because it was a long day and
I still refuse to use a cane.Thank goodness for my mobility device of choice, a stroller.

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  1. I WANT THAT CHAIR!!!! (And that kid is pretty cute too, how much is he?)


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