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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Last Road Trip of 2010

So we are going to stay longer that anticipated because I received divine intervention, at least that is what Lee says.  On Tuesday morning just before we hit the road I received an email from Room with a Past and they are having a New Year's Day event. 

In my heart of hearts I have always wanted to attend one of their monthly sales events but have never  had the opportunity until now.  We are going.  The hotel room is booked and Joe doesn't know it yet, unless he is reading this post, but is going with us.  We will celebrate New Year's Eve together probably watching movies and sipping Martinelli's sparkling cider. 

Here is a little recap of our adventures so far. 

We stopped in both the Roseville and Auburn Discovery Shops.

I've seen this look before she is contemplating her next move. Shopping with children is a bit like chess..you have to have your moves planned three or four ahead.

That little Santa in the background will go to live with Joe for his holiday display.

This happy little metal canister set will make the trek back to Southern California.
All I could hear my mother saying is "Where would bad taste be without yellow?"

I don't even recall a single yellow flower in her extensive garden history. 

 A book for the nightstand stack.  

This iconic sign is from Auburn.
I found a similar but modern sign in Sacramento.
We will have to return to take a photo.
Are the Irish (pub, right)  partial to the martini?

This little nursery sits on a slice of pie shaped location and is jam (no pun intended-it must be breakfast time) packed with garden loveliness.

This is the birdie that got away. At approximately $48 he was too rich for my  budget.  Notice I said budget and not taste. 
Back in Sacramento for a quick jaunt. This shop closes at 5 p.m. sharp.  Definitely worth a visit.

Dinner at Joe's Crab Shake in Old Town Sac on the river and dessert at Rick's Dessert Diner.

The servers dancer at the Shack.  Jacob is showing us his moves.

More adventures tomorrow.

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  1. Love love love you guys - looks like you're having so much fun! Please yell at Paste Eater for not posting in 10 days - some people are at work and in need of entertainment.


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