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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Mini Road Trip

Domnica, my mother's wonderful caregiver, not only provides what VoVo's hospice nurse describes as the best care she has ever seen, but friendship and comfort. Since June, she has spent hours with me sharing friendship, comfort, recipes and tasty treats. Domnica shared one of her favorite places Wholesome Choice with me. Today we had an opportunity to finally visit. Jacob and Holly had fallen asleep so Lee had one of those conversations: "You go in no you go in." This time he went in. Here is our instant message conversation:

Lee: I don't know what to do first.
Me: Ok, here go down the aisle let me know about it. Is it like Trader Joes?
Lee: No it more fantastic!!!

Lee: My pants are tight!!!
Me: What do you see?
Me: It is that wonderful
Lee: Food grocerys deli
Lee: Freakin heart shaped salami
Me: Cute stuff
Lee: Guy just gave me piece of gyro
Me: See if u see dutch or portuguese stuff. English.
Lee: Goin with sweets

Me: Take a picture of the outside of the store
Me: I like savory too
Me: It is beautiful (Lee is sending pictures)
Me: International gourmet cuisine. Goodness.
Lee: Shake the kids
Me: They are snoring. We will come back and enjoy together. Does it smell good as soon as you walk in.
Me: Get salami thats what we want. We have bread.
Lee: So overwhelmed
Me: Go slow
Lee: Can't honey
Lee: I'm running like retard (no offense)
Lee: Aaaaaaaahhhh!!
Me: What
Lee: Guy gave chicken goodness
Me:Now check the prices
Lee: Meatballsssssss

Lee: Its like united nations in here
Lee: I gotta go
Me: Is it separate vendors like LA farmers market
Lee: No
Lee: Like Heaven
Me: Are you hungry?
Lee: Need backup in too deep

Notice he didn't check prices or any of the other stuff I asked about but he did have so much fun.

Hope you all had a wonderful Saturday.

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