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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Thoughts on Recuperating

Greetings dear readers and apologies for

my absence. 

My time for recuperating is quickly ending.
My recollection of arriving here today consists
of the count down of days to surgery. 

Surgery could not have come any sooner.
As the fear of the procedure was surrmounted by
the desire to have the horrific constant pain cease.
And cease it did...instantly.  Pain gone, nausea and
insomnia commenced. The retched nausea is the worst.

Its all finally behind me.  I can now concentrate,
read for more than a few minutes, pin happily
on Pinterest and write the occasional post.

The past weekend was inspiring. 
Last Saturday, I visited the beauty parlor, first time
in nearly 90 days, where whatever you pay is cheaper
than therapy, and later walked (exercise with a
purpose) the Road to California quilt show.

It looks like pillows in rows but it is a quilt.

Modern Quilts

It's a optical illusion.  Such talented quilters.

This one reminded Mr. Lee of Phoebe Buffay's
Gladys and Glynnis paintings (Friends, Season 10,
Episode 6).   

Gladys and Glynnis by Phoebe Buffay | Friends | Pinterest

Three of my favorites:

Check out her read frames and the daisy wheels.

This calendar was a top quilt at the 2015  QuiltCon.

And dinner after the show:

El Pescador Mexican Grill

Tasty fixings.  

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