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Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Truth or Dare

Truth.  I don't ever know how much to share
here. The most important thing I can share is
my faith.  I am a follower of Jesus Christ,
I am a fallen human, trying to be a better person
every day brings new challenges, on this tightrope
that is my life. 

My personal relationship with Jesus started
in my 13th year, sure I was baptized as a
baby in the Roman Catholic Church but
I invited Jesus into my heart during my 8th
grade preparation for Confirmation.  For me,
God is love and this knowledge is my enlightenment. 

I don't care where you find your higher calling.
It doesn't matter to me what you pray or that
you don't pray.  I just know this is the Way
for me.  I feel blessed my mother shared her
beliefs by how she behaved not what she said.

Nothing disturbs me more than the folks
with a Harvest bumper sticker on their cars,
giving the bird.  I have listened to a variety of ministers,
including Greg Laurie, and I know he would
encourage a better example to non-believers. 

The late Steve Mays'  ministry brought me back
from a period of darkness and hard pruning.

Even though I consider myself a progressive,
I listen to the very conservative teaching of
the late Dr. J. Vernon McGee, his Bible Bus
will get you through the Bible in 5 years.

Lately, with the passing of Pastor Mays,
I have been listening to Dr. Tony Evans.

None of these man would support a woman
in the pulpit or marriage equality but they
feed up the word of God and I am hungry.

I hope what I share doesn't turn anyone away
but this is my truth. Shrouded in shame and
feelings of inadequencies, I kept returning to the
well of living waters.   

Holly's 2015 Vision Board


There have been plenty of occasions when
there is no where to go but to my knees.
Go to your knee's, He'll help you stand.
When my chronic pain challenges my ability
to reason.  Mind over matter, nothing works
but the meditative power of  prayer.

Helplessly witnessing my loved ones walk throughthe valley of death.  Believing in an everlasting
life is what has gotten me through.

Celebrating the sanctity of marriage for all.

 Lifetime Moments: Officiating at Weddings

Just a regular gal blessed beyond my dreams.
I am a big supporter of living and letting live.
In support of planting seeds of kindness,
marriage equality, diversity and recognizing
that regardless of where you live, mamas are

I believe prayer, gardening and art
save lives.

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