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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Live your God Sized Dream

As a gift to my future. 
I signed up for Ali Edwards One Little Word 
year long class. 

My word is PURPOSE..
Every day I get off the freeway
near California Baptist University
and their trademark phrase listed
on their very bright signage:
Live your Purpose 
saturates my heart and mind.

Every single evening. 
It's not like I ever get
a green light and roll
through the intersection.
Oh no, I have to stop and for
a few minutes reflect.
Piercing words.
Filled with accusation.  

I know I am not living my purpose.
It's a good blessed life, though.
I am authentic, I tell myself. 

God has a tremendous sense of humor. 

All kinds of messages are sent to me:
The the book and blog God-sized Dream.
It's a clear message. 
God has nagged me for a lifetime.  Oh yes, my
refusal has made my life more difficult then
to simply humble myself.  

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  1. I've had a crazy week, and just got home from CR! I'm tired, and your blog always brightens my day! Happy Holidays. . .



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