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Thursday, May 1, 2014

Note from Uncle Joe

It's weird how one link can take
you on a journey.
Uncle Joe sent me this link.
A photo of Julie Arkell, because it
reminded him of my style.  I had only
this week discovered her, too.

Julie is the one pictured on the left.
Google her.  Sincerely, my brother
knows my style so well.  Most
days I dress in business attire.
Not the attire of a hippie chick with
her soul lightly veiled by lace
and denim. 

Here's the link to the lovely
blog Ooh la Lapin.

I wish I had understood it was
okay to have worked as an artist or
a teacher, like I wanted.
It's never too late.

It's wonderful to share
a lifetime with a sibling.
Uncle Joe has stopped counting
birthdays so when I turn 50
later this year we will be fraternal twins.

The wilderness and the solitary place
shall be glad for them;
and the desert shall rejoice,
and blossom as the rose. Isaiah 35:1

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