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Saturday, April 19, 2014

The closing of the Lenten Season

Today is the last day of the Lenten season.
What started on Ash Wednesday ends on
Easter Sunday.

Forty days devoted to reflection, prayer,
meditation and renewal.  I've always looked
forward to Lent.

Growing up we didn't have Easter baskets or
eggs delivered by the Easter Bunny.  What
we did have was an early Mass, special 
baked goods and a family dinner. My older
siblings would come home to share the feast.

The holiness of Easter and being together
was all that mattered.  My parents are gone now
and my siblings are spread north of us
all the way up to British Columbia.
Still I carry the memories in my heart.

Mr. Lee will set up the sunrise
service at the Chapel where he works
and our little family will be in attendance.
We pray that our children will have
fond memories and carry us in their hearts.

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