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Saturday, February 15, 2014

Seattle Compare and Contrast

In Southern California the car is king.
Don't even think about stepping off the curb
without looking.  In Seattle pedestrians are king.
They are everywhere, they wear
primarily dark colors and step off the curb without a care,
right into the path of traffic.  Yikes.

South Lake Union Trolley (S.L.U.T.)

In Seattle the population is primarily represented by
Caucasian and Asian,
in Southern California diversity is king.
Nearly every language and culture represented.
This makes for variety of food and art. In either case,
there is wonderful food to be found.

Parking in Seattle is insane it simply doesn't
exist.  Public transit, however, is every where.
The disabled population seems non-existent and
with the exception of a few disabled parking
spaces.  I found the population in Seattle, unprepared
to cope with a little woman barreling toward
them with a cane.   

In the Barnes and Noble a man nearly knocked over a display
to avoid getting too close to me.  It may be catching. 

The ladies at The Sock Monster were amazingly kind and
helpful. Giving us pointers on visiting Seattle. 

In Southern California everything moves quickly.
When traffic is flowing at top speeds of  90 mph
with norm speeds running at 75 mph. In Seattle,
every lane seems to move at a steady pace of 65 mph.

In Seattle, 15 minutes takes you a long way
out of the neighborhood, while in So Cal 15 minutes
barely moves you out of your parking spot. 

Pike's Place kept Mr. Lee entertained each day while
I attended training.

The famous Seattle Gum Wall.

Potty mosaic.

Entertaining notes. 

Top Pot

Tastiest doughnuts, EVER.

Treats for a tasty midnight snack.

Fresh cheese.

Lovely shops.

Eye candy.

Bella Umbrella
Good eats of all varieties.
Molly Moon's Homemade Ice Cream Shop.

Delightful staff, delicious coffee, incredible pie, and they
offer baking class. Swoon, if only we lived near.
Pie stands.

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