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Saturday, August 27, 2011

count down to the end of summer

This morning I asked Jacob about his summer.  He claims that on a scale from good to awesome this summer falls dangerously close to awesome.  Yes, those were his exact words.  He reads a lot and I have to admit that our family is quite dramatic....in a good way. 

Any whooooo, Jacob returns to school this Monday.  To set the count down in motion, last night we ventured out after baths to sneak peek the class roster.  The whole family is sad to see summer end but we are excited to see school start but only because Jacob is excited.   Unlike some parents that can't wait to enjoy some quiet time, school for us means more work, evenings crammed with homework and real bed times.   Less time just being together more time focusing.

Deep sigh.  Lee would say stay with me, it is his way of staying in the moment.
Stay in the moment with me.  This plant was in the cafe at Filoli.  I have
a similar one on my kitchen sink. Gifted to me by Joe.

The kitchen at the mansion at Filoli has a separate pastry kitchen.
Baking is my absolute favorite...so I was in heaven.  Think of it,
all the space you need to bake through the fall and holiday season.
The kids could cut and decorate cookies. 

We have a sea theme going on in our boys bathroom.  Just thought
I'd mention it since someone at Filoli had a similar idea. 

This is the fireplace in the ballroom.

Julia and her mom, Chrisy, my childhood friend.

And just in case you ever wonder if the kids enjoy any of it. See Jacob's face for confirmation, you can not
fake this level of enthusiasm. 

This image also reminds me of my favorite Sesame Street skit with Grover
demonstrating here and there. 

As for Holly, she got to run, respectfully of course, and not on the grass.  
Just imagine the grandness of this amazing yard all of it cared for 
by over 1,000 dedicated volunteers. A real family lived and played here. 

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