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Monday, March 28, 2011

Turnaround Trip

This weekend we committed to a turnaround trip to the Bay Area for a memorial service.
There was never a question if we would go.  And now that the trip is behind us we are so
glad that we made the effort.

I am so fortunate to have childhood friends.  Friends that know everything about me and still
love me.  These special friends are in my heart always and there isn't anything we won't do for them.

The blessing of the weekend was the ability to support a very special childhood friend, visit with best friends and my brother.  Sometimes the only cure for being homesick is to go home.

Here is Holly running on the same church steps that I played on as a child.

This is the front door of the Mill Rose, the bed and breakfast across
from the house I grew up in on Mill Street.

 A garden bed.

The garden gate to the garden at San Benito House.

Where we drowned our sorrows.

We walked around town.  Small town living is my favorite.

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