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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Looking to the Weekend

Last night I asked Mr. Lee to please take photos of the pumpkins
we had carved for Halloween since Friday is trash day. 
 (I use "we"loosely because I didn't have a hand in the carving)
Mark's pumpkin carving expertise above and 
below.  He carved all away around the pumpkin.

The image Jacob picked for Daddy to carve....advanced, of course.  
And Holly's two pumpkins.
Last Saturday's Halloween party photos. 
Jacob found this zombie stranger and had
to have a picture taken with him.  

This photo starts
this weekend's adventures.
The "tell me about the good ole days" show in Redlands on this
simply amazing property. I don't know about you 
but the residence was enough to 
make me want to swoon.  
Absolutely lovely and we left with with kitschy loot, to boot.

On to our next stop, the Harvest Festival.
See that amazing snake.  I don't like snakes or spiders but the
kids don't have to know.  I remember Mark wearing a boa
around his neck when he was in second grade so it goes with
all my children apparently. No fear.

Next stop, the OC for the behind the picket fence at Pieacemakers.

When you visit Piecemakers don't miss a slice of apple pie.

Then on to Old Town Tustin for a much over
due visit to the Vintage Lady. I have
known the proprietress for over 20 years
and always admire her interior styling and
all the garden fairies that obviously live in the
shop's garden.

Little fairy gardens.
And the little scene in the parking lot below.

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  1. I so wanted to go to Lori's show in Redlands, but of course I was working. It was nice though to see a pix of my friend Christie in your photos. And Cathy, from the Vintage Lady. I've known her for years and she is the best of the best. Glad you had a fun day.

    Take care, Sue


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