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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Roadtrip to Salinas

Still feeling under the weather even though I have followed doctor's orders since Monday.  We started our trip at Ikea.  Holly got to join Jacob in the play area for the first time.  Lee and I had a cup of coffee in complete quiet.

Holly and Jacob tested out fantasy bedrooms.

  Waiting patiently to play.  We completed an Ikea project before leaving home.  Can't wait to show you.

We hit the road... This is the long stretch on State Route 46, note to self pick a different route home, two lanes with 16-wheelers that will not move over to let you pass. Looks like a lot of construction is going on so this may improve eventually.

Visiting Paso Robles..  Super cute shops, nice people and good eats. 

Reminisce  was our first destination shop.  The shop is huge a must stop. 

The friends Jacob made at Reminisce.  Aren't they super cute and they told us about the best mac and cheese at the Kilt.

Right next door is the Cottage and across the street is the thrift store.

Down a few blocks on Pine is the Kilt  where we had a yummy stick to your ribs lunch. 

We drove to Salinas in time to find all the places we will visit today.   

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