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Monday, November 14, 2016

Fat Girls Get Things Done

There has been a lot of ranting on Instagram.
Most of it election related.  There aren't
enough words.  But, there are actions like making
donations and wearing safety pins.  Smile and
greet strangers, it will be easier as we enter the
holiday season.

My favorite  rant has been #fatgirlsgetthingsdone. 
It's intended as shaming but I'm embracing
it because it's also true. When you are fat, short and
disabled, like me, there is very little that people
can say to hurt you.  For the most part, strangers
don't make eye contact and are all thumbs. It's
okay what I have is genetic and not catching.

I'm fat, not making any excuses.  Emotional
eating is my bubble wrap and helped me survive
years of excruciating physical pain as my spine fused.
Emotional pain as my mother's health and mind failed.

You betcha this fat woman gets things done.

Junk in the Trunk Show September 2016


  1. Oh Genie.... You kill me every time.... I love you so!!!
    Go Get em' My Girl!!!

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